“He is a man of sense who does not grieve for what he has not, but rejoices in what he has,” Epictetus.

What is wabi sabi?

Wabi sabi is a state of consciousness. Its beauty hidden in the aesthetic or feeling experienced between you and something in the world.

Enjoying the beauty of a delicate rose which will only be in bloom for the next few days. Reading favourite passages in a worn yellowed book aged by the sun.

Taking pleasure in the sand marks left by an outgoing tide and the delicate morning dew drops left on a garden leaf.

It’s the effect of time and weathering on an object or the result of something that has happened by chance.

An old wooden chest with a few scratches on top or a ceramic bowl accidentally dropped on the floor which has been carefully glued back together.

'Wabi Sabi: The Japanese Art of Impermanence' captures the essence and aesthetics of wabi sabi and provides a guide to its fascinating principles.