“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be,” Lao-Tzu.

What does wabi sabi mean?

Wabi sabi has many different meanings. Wabi was originally associated with sadness and loneliness. However today it means living a simple and modest lifestyle; one which is peaceful, balanced and in tune with nature.

Sabi originally meant ‘to be desolate’ but now it is associated with ‘growing old’, the natural progression of time, transitory or short-lived beauty and enjoying objects which are aged, fading or weathered.

It's about just ‘being’. Enjoying the moment and life’s simple pleasures and bringing more of these into our lives.

Together wabi sabi provides a way of life which helps us to connect with our true essence; the place within us where peace, serenity and harmony reside.


Wabi sabi is:

• Unconventional
• Unassuming
• Unpretentious
• Understated
• Underplayed
• Undeclared
• Unencumbered
• Unmaterialistic.